About Us

We simply offer our sincere & dedicated services to meet our client's expectations by using cutting edge technology, highly dedicated team and straight-forward and efficient business process. We induce ourselves to overall customer satisfaction to all clients. Our repeated investment in technology and skilled manpower enables us to serve our clients in best possible manner.

We specialize in web development, web designing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, direct marketing, telesales, surveys and outbound process. We seek ways to improve service quality while reducing costs for our clients through disciplined management techniques such as regular monitoring and measurement of agentís performance. In-depth employee training on specific clients programs as well as on industry standard practices along with continuous technological improvement is one of our prime objectives. We have a wide experience in outbound processes such as various product campaigns, which have been handled till date, are in the area of customer products and services. We have extensive experience in handling multiple campaigns simultaneously. We sincerely believe in specialization of activities and enable this for you as well. We have skilled & equipped team to work on different campaigns and can deliver expected performance keeping in mind the quality parameters of a Project.


To understand the viewpoint of our clients & to deliver them what they are looking for in order to develop enduring relationships.

  • Our Clients are the first & the foremost for us. They are the reason we exist.
  • Our people make everything possible as their efforts & support plays a vital role in meeting our client's expectations.
  • Advanced & right technology makes the work more effective & simple. That is why we value it & we make sure that we put in regular investments on it whenever it is required.